If you’ve been buying chunky sweaters worth more than $50 at many retail stores, you may want to check your trusted thrift stores the next time you plan to add another to your collection. They have a lot of this stuff, including sweaters. With your $50, you can buy several sweaters that look one-of-a-kind.

But how do you look for sweaters in a thrift store? Here are some tips on how you can land great deals on sweaters at thrift shops:

Buy Big Patterns

You don’t have to be too conservative when it comes to sweaters. They allow you to be experimental and bold but still carry them with confidence. Sweaters can make any casual get-up appear stylish.

When you shop for sweaters at thrift stores, hoard on big, unique, retro prints and textures. You can easily mix and match them with any outfit.

Try Them On

A fact about sweaters is that most of them don’t look good when they are on the hangers. As a result, it is easy to dismiss them as awful looking or even consider them to be far from your type.

However, most people’s perceptions about sweaters change once they try them on. Therefore, it helps to try them on before making your purchase so you can make an informed decision.

If you don’t want to try them at the thrift shops because they look dirty, then be brave enough to buy and bring them home with you. After doing this for some time, you will have an idea of how the seemingly ugly sweaters displayed at thrift shops will turn out beautiful once you have washed and put them on.

Have a Collection of the Basic Colors

The good thing about sweaters is that they are forgiving with anything you pair them with. You can wear them with tights, wide-leg jeans, or a pair of skinnies.

It’s a good idea to have basic neutral colors, like gray, tan, and cream, which you can easily match with your outfit. They will come in handy when you don’t want to sport huge prints that will make more eyes turn your way.