The 70s fashion will never run out of style. They may be kept for a while, but the trend keeps returning, looking good and stylish as ever. This is why you must spend time digging through the many options you will find at thrift shops.

For one, faux shearling always makes a comeback during winter and fall. You can get a good one at 70 cents or less, so why would you even hesitate to bring several pieces home?

You just have to go with your guts when shopping for fashion finds at thrift stores. Most of the time, the clothing would look ordinary or even unappealing when stacked with a bunch of second-hand materials. But you will have an idea of what to match them with once they are clean and lined up with your other clothes.

Most people wonder how I find good deals for 50 or 70 cents. Let me be clear; luck doesn’t have anything to do with it. You have to make an effort to score excellent deals at thrift shops.

First, you have to list out the stores nearest your location. You have to research the best times these stores replenish their stocks. You also have to be updated when they have store sales. If these stores have a website, follow and subscribe to their mailing list.

Once you know when the stores put their stuff on sale, go on those days. The items on sale usually have yellow tags, so stock up on them. This way, you will have more options of what to mix and match once you get home.

You will eventually get the hang of it. Once you have several clothing items that cost $1 or less in your wardrobe, it will be easier to strut whatever fashion style you want to project.

In my locality, Akron has the best deals regarding slashing prices during sales. But the other stores also offer a lot of options. You just have to be patient in digging and searching for them and you will be rocking thrift clothing inspired by the 70s vibe in no time.