Why did you venture into blogging?

It was not my intention to blog. But a point came when many people would ask me the same questions about thrifting. I was happy that more people were getting interested in trying it. So instead of answering those who knew me, I began sharing my ventures with the online community via this platform.

Thrifty Home started as an online space where I share my second-hand finds and how I was able to utilize them. Now, I am also sharing tips on finding great deals, looking for gems amid the chaos, and becoming an efficient thrifter.

Do you have thrift tips?

I have a lot. I try incorporating them in each article, but I also have several articles focusing on the tips alone. Of course, I want you all to have a fruitful thrifting adventure. I want you to know where to go when to go, and what to look for.

Do you have suggestions on the best places to thrift?

It depends on where you live. You can also find good second-hand deals online. I’d post an article about it and update it from time to time. This way, other thrifters can have a venue to suggest the best thrift stores wherever they are.

In the meantime, ensure you have already signed up for my mailing list. I regularly send out shop suggestions and the best items I’ve got from thrift shops.

Where can I sell my used clothing?

You can begin selling online to make the process easier. I started online flipping in early 2000 on eBay and Yahoo Auctions. Now, I often use Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, and Shopify to sell my second-hand items.

Do you get paid by the thrift shops you feature?

I started as a collaborator with some local thrift shops. I helped in developing ideas to get more customers their way. I wasn’t paid back then. I was only earning discounts and free items. Now, I have expanded my services as a consultant and content creator. It’s my job to boost the online presence of the businesses I help, and I get paid in the process.