I must admit that I did not know what this item was when I bought it from Target. Well, by now you know that I get most of my thrift finds from Goodwill, but this was an exception. I only thought it would look nice on my small table, and it did!

It’s a simple decor made of fine wood. It was a squirrel biting a big nut while looking happy. I love squirrels. I always have them in my backyard, so the smile of this decor is quite real.

When I see squirrels, they always appear playful and silly. But I have a love-hate relationship with them. I don’t particularly appreciate it when they make nests on my outdoor cushions.

Back to my decorative squirrel, it’s cute. But I thought of placing it on top of a cake plate and covering it with a glass dome. I bought all these at the same thrift shop.

I also found a lamp with a base the same color as the cake plate. I grabbed it at once before anyone could beat me to it.

This is the essence of thrift shopping. You need to find pieces that go well when placed side by side. Polish them and tweak the color if you must. Have them on display, and be awed at your creativity.