Do you ever wonder how to shop at Goodwill Outlet’s bins like a pro? And why are they called bins?

Bins are typically associated with trash bins, but they are not the case for thrift shops like the Outlets. Instead of digging through trash, you will dig through second-hand items. Your goal is to find what may not look like treasure after you’ve cleaned or washed them.

When you go to thrift shops, you must be ready to get dirty, especially when digging through the bins. The bins serve as the second-hand items’ last stop before they are sent to the salvage stream for recycling.

Here are the top tips on how to uncover gems from the bins:

  1. Dress Comfortably

You have to prepare for some digging action, so be ready with clothes that will allow you to move fast and freely. It’s also best to wear a small crossbody bag to keep your money safe while searching at the bins.

  1. Wear Gloves

Seeing people wearing gloves is not uncommon when shopping at the bins. Most second-hand items look filthy, but you can have them cleaned when you get home.

  1. Move Fast

Grab a cart upon entering the store. Move swiftly from one area to the next. This will increase your chances of getting more excellent finds.

  1. Know the Rules

Some stores stop shoppers from looking at certain times during the day to replenish stocks. Make sure you follow such rules and other commands the stores have set.

  1. Ask for Discounts

You can politely ask the staff if they allow discounts, such as students, military, senior citizens, and the like.

  1. Be Organized

As much as you want to collect more items and move fast, you would also not want to be overwhelmed by the pile-up in your cart. You also have to prioritize checking out the bins containing your needs. For example, you can check the clothing and housewares bins first and look into the books section last.

Finally, you must enjoy your time no matter how uncomfortable it may get. It will be harder to dig through the piles when you’re feeling stressed and hot-headed.