I’ve seen talk show hosts doing the shows live at thrift shops not once but several times already. It feels gratifying, but I don’t need anybody’s influence to make me go to thrift shops. I already frequent these stores a lot.

But it still feels different when famous people advocate something you love doing. Many of those who have spoken on national television about thrifting advocate the lifestyle. This includes people like Hoda Kotb and Bethenny Frankel.

Thrifting is a good way to repurpose things and make them useful instead of throwing them out. We are helping our environment this way by reducing our trash.

Now that many people are becoming instantly famous via video-sharing platforms, I hope they will also share the benefits of thrifting. The more thrifters there are, the more trash is getting saved from directly being dumped.

Aside from the environmental benefits, your wallet will thank you for this hobby. Go often to the thrift stores near you. Shop around and browse for the items you may, later on, consider treasures.

You never know, but you might pass by a celebrity when you go thrifting. This hobby is practical, and the extent of what you can do to your thrift finds is lengthy. It’s a must to try it now and see what you can get on your first or second tries.