What does a home filled with second-hand items look like? It doesn’t have to show. You can clean, repaint, or redesign the items to suit your house’s interior.

Here are some tips you can follow in decorating your house with second-hand pieces:

1. Do Not Over Decorate

This is a no-no when it comes to home decor. Too many decorations will make the space feel stuffy. Less is more.

2. Use Similar Colors

It’s easier on the eyes if you will follow a theme. If you want it to be contrasting, then do it. The contrasting effects can be your theme. But if you want something smooth, you can choose neutral or wood colors.

3. Learn How to Hide Your Stuff

Get thrift boxes or shelves where you can place trinkets and other things that may look messy when left just about anywhere.

4. Clean the Thrifted Finds Before Showing Them Off

Many items you can find at thrift shops would look better once you have washed and repainted them. Even the furniture pieces would look brand new when you cover them with sheets or blankets, which you can also buy at thrift stores.

It’s more fun decorating when you have plenty of options on what to display.