Among my best finds in thrift shops are furniture pieces. But you will not notice the difference when you see them. Visit your trusted thrift shop, and you will be amazed at the options.

As much as I frequent these shops when they are on sale, I don’t do it when I plan to buy furniture. I don’t want to feel rushed when choosing an item, especially when I want to buy matching sets.

Why do I buy second-hand furniture? The pieces come with history. Sometimes, I’d be surprised to see love letters or a remote control hiding between the foams.

This is also something sustainable. Aren’t we taught to be resourceful in repurposing the items we own before we throw them out?

You can customize the pieces to suit the theme decor of your house. If you have a talent for sewing, consider making your own sofa covers. If not, check for good finds at thrift shops.

Here’s a quick guide on how to spot excellent furniture pieces at thrift shops:

  1. Check the Place Often

If you are serious about finding great pieces, you must check several stores at least once weekly.

  1. Go to Several Shops

Some of the best finds come from smaller shops. But I also have several great pieces from bigger thrift shops. I make it a habit to visit all thrift stores near me.

  1. Come with Exact Measurements

Don’t go furniture hunting without knowing the size of the space where you intend to place the items.

  1. Shop for Antiques

Vintage furniture pieces usually have better “bones” and will last longer than the newer ones.

Enjoy arranging your thrift shop finds!