Electric heating pads come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. They are useful, especially when you suffer from sores and indescribable pains.

They help ease the discomfort by producing heat, which makes you sweat. This is why it’s important to protect it from sweat. This way, the product won’t get worn out fast or develop a foul smell despite continued use. You only have to replace the cover or wash and replace it regularly.

This is a product that I would not buy in a thrift shop. I always go branded on anything that needs electricity to work. It’s always safety first when it comes to electrical items, no matter how small or big.

Be careful in buying electrical items in thrift shops. Ask about the model, wattage, where it came from, and all you need to know about the product.

I may not save a huge amount in buying the item, but I can still save by placing a DIY cover to protect and make it last longer. You can use a handy flannel shirt from the thrift store if you want to do the same. You can also use your own if you have one you no longer use.

Find a flannel shirt in L or XL size. It’s better to work with more fabric to have room for error. Cut the top layer of the buttoned-up section. Be gentle, and make sure you don’t cut through the back.

You will then cut around two inches on the sides of the back part of the shirt. This will leave you a back and front part of the shirt.

Hand stitch or sew a side of the button section on the heating pad. Place the cord appropriately so it will come out on the buttoned side.

It’s done – a newly-dressed-up heating pad!