I know, Restoration Hardware is heaven for excellent household finds. But I can’t spend $40 on a metal basket.

Time to hit our trusted thrift stores!

My first stop was at Goodwill. The store has metal baskets in varying sizes with prices that don’t go beyond $3. While these baskets look good, you can still do some paint retouches to suit the theme of where you intend to place them.

I then went to Savers, where I got great deals for similar-looking baskets at the same range of prices as the products from Goodwill.

I also searched online for metal baskets. Despite the items having lower price tags, the shipping fee would make the total cost more expensive than the ones I got from my trusted thrift shops.

So, from the original price of $40 from a known furnishing shop, I got a great deal of similar-looking items for a small portion of the price. Put them side by side, and nobody would know the difference. You only have to give a few tweaks like improving the color or wiping off any visible dirt and your thrift finds would pass as expensive baskets.

Want to save some bucks without compromising on quality? Try it for yourself, and go search for good thrift finds!