I was in the mood to make some DIY stuff when I saw a pile of seashells in my garage collecting dust. I used to collect them when I was younger.

The shells looked pristine after I washed them. They inspired me to recreate something I saw on a random blog. I’d make seashell candles (but not from scratch).

I am creative, but I don’t have the patience to make my own candle from wax. So, I’ve got some tealight candles that I melted using a handy candle warmer.

If you enjoy lighting candles as much as I do, this DIY project is worth trying. Start by melting the candles if you’re up to doing this DIY. Gently remove the wick. You will need that, so be careful. Transfer the melted wax to the shell and wait for the wax to get a little but not fully dry. Place the wick in the middle, and leave until completely dry.

Light your candles and enjoy the ambiance.