This is all over Pinterest but I thought that I would show you how to make a simple lantern with a $2.00 solar light and a mason jar.  There are a few ways of going about it.

1)  Use Mason Jars with Lids that you find at a Thrift Store.

2)  Use Classico Tomato Sauce Jars and Lids

3) Buy the Limited Edition Blue Ball Jars!!

Buy them HERE.

I used the Classico Lid and the Blue Jars.  The lid fits perfectly!!

You will need a jar with a lid, bailing wire (Home Depot), a pair of needle nose pliers, solar lights, kitchen shears or tin snips and E-600 glue.

I measured the size of the solar light and traced it onto the Classico Lid and then using sharp kitchen shears I cut it out.

This is the easiest way to get the cut started and then just follow the lines.  Be Careful!

Prime the lids and then spray with Oil Rubbed Bronze paint.

Remove the solar cell from the light.  It’s easy, it pops right off.  Clean up the cut edges if you want.

Use E-600 glue on the OUTSIDE egde of the solar light.  That way when you place it onto the lid the glue doesn’t interfere with the solar panel.

Let dry for 24 hours if you can wait that long!  I used painters tape to hold them together while they dried.

Using bailing wire, wrap the top of the jar once around then make a loop to hang it.

I hung mine on my fence posts.  The wire looks a little wonky because I looped it around the hook so it wouldn’t blow away.  We live in a wind-tunnel!

One of these days I will get a photo without the doggie photo-bomb!

They worked great!!

***Update….At WalMart I found a solar light that fits exactly into the outer ring of the Ball Lid.  (No cutting required) They are $4.00 per light.  I just took the lid with me and tried each one until I found one that fit.