Do you have hard water stains on your windows or shower glass doors?  I have something that will REMOVE it without disgusting chemicals.  It won’t hurt your glass, and you will get a mini workout! (bonus)

You know I love Coconut Oil for everything!  Why not use it on your hard water stains.  It WORKS!!!  You could also use Lemon Oil but I couldn’t find it at my grocery store, and I was in the mood to do it.

Warm the coconut oil with lemon and peppermint essential oils.  I really can’t say if the essential oils are completely necessary but that is what I was told, so that is what I did.

You will need a few clean white bar towels.  They are eco friendly and they don’t have lint.  You could also use paper towels but it may not work as well.  You can find them at Target or Walmart, but it is easier to order them on Amazon.  I linked them below.  Look for the cotton ones. Washed Cheesecloth could work as well.

Dip the towel into the oil and rub it on the window in a circular RUB ON RUB OFF motion.

Here is the point at which you will think, “This is a MESS, what have I done to my windows?!?”  Don’t worry just get a clean white towel and buff it out.  Use your core and get a mini work out. It will start to get better I promise!

Finish it up with a mix of 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water warmed up for about a minute in the microwave.  Use paper towels to get off any residue.  I used a little bit of rubbing alcohol to sparkle them up inside and out.  Here is what it looks like!

Look at this! The oil should help to repel water in the future!

Let me know if it works for you! And if you want to stain something for decor, check out the idea of How to Stain Concrete here.