If Ikea is your Disneyland, you most probably have bought items waiting to be unboxed and used. They may have already been somewhere in your home for some time.

Well, it’s time to unpack!

Before buying a bookshelf for your growing children, why not take a peek at your Ikea finds to check if you have supplies you can use for this DIY project?

What exactly are you searching for? If you have 40-inch picture ledges, you can turn them into floating bookshelves with some paint, effort, and tons of creativity.

If your picture ledges came from Ikea, you need to buy mounting hardware. Make sure that you get the right material that will suit your wall.

You can make the ledges in one color or turn them into rainbow bookshelves by painting each ledge with different colors.

Before painting, fit them into your wall and mark the spots where you will mount each using a drill. Ask someone to help you gauge if you have placed each ledge on a straight line. You also have to keep the spaces with the same measurements.

Paint the ledges, and let them dry completely. Mount them to the wall, check for safety, and arrange the books.