Welcome to Thrifty Home! This online space is for everyone constantly in search of great deals and thrifty finds. I’ve been unlocking and unearthing treasures in most places I least expected to see them.

I began this hobby way back in college after considering the benefits of secondhand shopping. Besides, I love sharing tips and tricks about where to look and what to buy. Aside from secondhand finds, we will talk about recipes, DIYs, fashion, and thrift tips. We will also tackle the environmental, financial, and creative benefits of secondhand shopping.

Why do I love thee? I still get the question a lot about why I am doing this. Why do I buy secondhand finds when I can afford brand-new stuff? Why create things from scratch rather than buy something new and trendy?


Aside from unleashing my creative potential, let’s just say that this is my share of reducing garbage in the world. It’s fun to do, and it’s environment-friendly.

Thrifting is convenient, and it doesn’t have to show. Most of my wardrobe is secondhand, but I don’t think anybody would know upfront.

I will share with you the best online and offline stores where you can score excellent deals on secondhand items.

You can be as creative as you want and let your individuality shine.

Let me share all that I have learned from years of following this lifestyle. Hopefully, I can influence you to try it too. Trust me, it’s fun! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more frequent posts of my thrifting journey.